Untangling from the Collective



Untangling from the Frog Collective

Recently in my Ayni Alchemy blog I mentioned that, especially now, we are often running programs for others (including your spirit helpers) and for the collective.

Why is this happening?

Carl Jung coined the phrase “collective unconsciousness”, which is the sum total consciousness of all mankind’s knowledge and experience throughout the history of the earth, collected unconsciously, and inherited by all mankind.

Then there is “collective unconscious consciousness” that holds that thought forms of all that has ever been done or thought by humans are in an energy field of cosmic awareness (the collective unconsciousness) while similar current thoughts are repeatedly saved creating stronger and stronger imprints or patterns. Our conscious minds interact with these imprints to help create the world as we know it.

The way I am using the word “collective” is to mean the common energies of everyone on the planet as well as the ‘unconsciousness consciousness’.


The main point is that there are a lot of thought forms of all sorts hanging around and  affecting us.

These thought forms can strengthen or trigger what is happening in our own body by awakening cell memories. So even if you think you have healed something, if even a particle of the event is locked into your cells on the energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual levels, it can bring on symptoms of varying degrees of intensity. For example, if you have healed from gallbladder disease in the past and cross paths with a person with active problems, you might feel a little pain behind your right shoulder blade (where gallbladder pain typically refers). The body’s cells tend to hold onto the memory.

This point is that we can be physically affected by people, spirits and world energy around us which is why we need to take our spirit guides and guardian angels into consideration when we are working.

Consider that at the same time you are incarnated in a lifetime, your unlimited spirit often takes on spiritual level jobs as guides or angels to help others. Meanwhile as an incarnated being we end up with issues that will eventually need cleared from our energy field, either this or some other lifetime. So as a spirit, why not choose to give guidance to a person who has the same problem so both of you can heal when and if they seek clearing and healing?

As a result, we often attract spirit helpers that have some similar ‘baggage’ that also needs cleared.

What should you do about the entanglements?

Try using a general clearing statement about “destroying any contracts, heart or hidden vows, soul programs, protection promises (guardian angel) with any or all of the collective”. However, as usual, clearing works better the more specific you are so you should also check if specific issues bothering you are in this category. What follows is a protocol to check that you have addressed getting yourself and/or the client or patient untangled from collective energy.

Protocol to Untangle from Collective Energy

  1. Do general LifeWeaving clearing on your issue.
  2. Run the completion check (“that the issue is cleared for the trinity, ego, self, soul, assigned spirits, and others; that there is nothing contributing to the issue, and there is nothing else to look at instead.”)
  3. Check that the client is not running any contracts, heart vows, hidden vows or soul programs or is acting as guardian angel with any of the collective concerning the same issue.
  4. Check that any assigned spirit helpers are not running any contracts, heart vows, hidden vows or soul programs or is acting as guardian angel with any of the collective concerning the issue.
  5. LifeWeave any positives that come up (e.g. a hidden vow) and clear to neutrality.
  6. Recheck that the issue is clear for steps 3 & 4. (This catches any new layers that might pop up for clearing.)
  7. Once client and spirit helpers test clear for any connections to the collective, if you want you can also test further using the affirmations with a statement like:  “(The client) no longer is (ready – willing – able – for his/her good and the good of others – want – deserve – see – believe – expect – imagine – turn imagination into reality – and perceives) to run or transmute collective issues through his/her own body.”  Make sure this is also true for the separate parts – the ego, self, soul – plus assigned spirit helpers and others.

At this stage of ascension the goal should be to heal ourselves, keep us, our guides and guardian angels clear (“educate, elevate, remove or replace as needed to help [the issue]”) and to lead by example. Accept that your being healthy and clear shows others that it can be done, show them how to do it if you want, help others climb over obstacles, but absolutely don’t become a savior or martyr! Each soul in the collective needs to do their own work now as we move into the higher dimensional frequencies.

One Last Question

I previously knew that our spirit helpers affected our physical self but why didn’t the connection between our own health issues and that of the collective show up sooner?

Frankly it was because the question had not been asked. This time the thought came out of a conversation with another healer. This is why I invite the growing community of LifeWeaving practitioners to join the discussion and bring up what they are discovering as they explore and play with the method.

Have you found a way to improve healing results using LifeWeaving or a similar method that can be applied using the dowsing charts? Have you had interesting success with LifeWeaving? Please share!

Meanwhile, disentangle from the people collective as soon as and in as many ways as possible!


Great Ayni!, Carole


Pictures from Pixabay.com


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