Free Resources

 C L E A R I N G  I N V O C A T I O N

I surround myself with a spinning column of white light,

connecting one end to Unlimited Source

and the other to the Healing Temple at the center of the Earth. 

Now I invoke my mighty I AM presence and the Violet Flame of Transmutation

to completely over light my body and being,

To align, clear, harmonize and balance my personal Trinity,

To clear my soul committee, guides and guardian angels,

And to harmonize all with the Divine Plan.



ASCENSION INFORMATION AND TOOLS (galactic art and ascension classes) (Brian T Roberts presents Diamond Heart DNA activations, free music)

Schumann Resonance Today – Update

ASTROLOGY (sign up to receive a great monthly overview for free)

PLANET EARTH AND PEOPLE (product recalls; linked with Consumer Reports) (information about what is happening to our food, medicine, etc.) (information about volcanoes, solar flares, earthquakes, the oceans, space, etc.)


HEALTH AND EXERCISE (all health topics) (the latest scientific information about nutrition presented in a very understandable way) (short teachings for healing the body, mind, spirit and emotions) (free tools and online support for weight loss and lifestyle change) (information about common illnesses and natural supplements that can be used to replace prescription drugs) (all about drugs, addictions and treatment)

PEACE OF MIND (it is free to 'click to give' to eight charities - hunger, autism, child health, rain forest, animals, veterans, literacy or breast cancer.  Click your favorite or all. Your click triggers a donation from a sponsor company) (daily quote)

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