"My name is Brian T Roberts and for close to 40 years I have been studying holistic systems, apprenticing with persons of spiritual consciousness, and developing processes like the Diamond Heart Energy Activations. see www.LifeSeedCodes.com    I received a massage license in 1976 and a doctor of Divinity degree in 1991. I have been a student of LifeWeaving and Carole Conlon for over ten years. I am proud to say that I am beginning to teach LifeWeaving because this is the best way to truly learn it. Here are the facts, Carole can tune into and clear the life path with a mastery that is simply in a class all by it self. . . But her greatest gift is teaching people to know, to love and to trust themselves, some processes require precision and patience, Carole is that."   Brian T Roberts, Seattle, WA


"Whew!  I was feeling soooooooo much better and I said to myself . . .'self, check the computer it is probably Carole's work.'  Sure enough, there you were!"  D.F., Lake View Terrace, CA


"Thank you so much.  Your universal connection has kept me taking one step in front of the other rather than not stepping at all."  C.J., Wenatchee, WA


"J--- is a normal kid now.  He is so happy and is just amazed that no one is bothering him!"  J.H., Lynnwood, WA


"Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate this help!  . . . finally someone is able to get to the root of all this."  J.R., Sheffield, England


" . . . I want to thank you so much for helping me grow in this area as well . . . All I can say, Carole, is thank God you are in this world and that I found you!"  B.R., West Babylon, N.Y.


"I just wanted to let you know how much you help me.  I feel balanced and peaceful since my treatment.  The frazzled feeling has left!  I'm sleeping better and I'm breathing better again!!!!"  S.I., Lynnwood, WA

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