Welcome Practitioners of LifeWeaving

This section of the website is dedicated to bringing the latest LifeWeaving protocol changes, trends being seen in LifeWeaving, and new ways to use the method. I also hope to answer questions from practitioners.

The LifeWeaving dowsing system is dynamic and it has been ever-changing over the past years of development. At last I am satisfied that the charts are workable as is, but have seen the protocols change due to the increasing  ascension frequencies affecting Earth and its peoples. For example, one major adjustment I had to personally make was to let go of researching deeply into the "why" and just dowse enough to clear an issue.

I welcome any questions from practitioners as to the how, what or why they obtain findings, as well as new ways to use LifeWeaving dowsing. Follow my blog or help yourself to educational material and downloadable forms. Share your success stories as well as frustrations.

LifeWeaving as an  "entity" will continue to evolve and upgrade with dynamic input from users like you.

Gratitude, great ayni and good dowsing!  Carole

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