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Click on the link below to download the free LifeWeaving worksheet (2 pages) - [new revision 8/2017]

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Power LifeWeaving Section B Changes

January 2019 - Click here to download the CHRT_PowerLW_upgrade cut out _2019  (124 KB)   [Note that you may have to ever so slightly resize it to fit your 8 1/2 x 11 chart.]


LifeWeaving books and charts

 To order, or for a full description of the books and charts, click on the links.

Books and sets of the three laminated charts are available at and Charts can also be purchased individually at as electronic downloads or laminated color prints.

Advanced Dowsing with the LifeWeaving System

Advanced Dowsing introduces the basics of LifeWeaving and will help the experienced dowser heal him or her self as well as others.The dowsing system can be used as a guide for life coaching, relationship clearing, and more. . .

Reference Guide for the LifeWeaving System

The Reference Guide, designed to be used with the LifeWeaving healing system charts, presents each chart element with definitions, and how and why the element is used in the clearing process. . .

Chart, Power LifeWeaving

Power LifeWeaving is the foundation chart for the LifeWeaving clearing and healing system. The chart contains dowsing sections for Activities, Affirmations, Responsible To/For, Elements, Call Upon/Use, Chakras, Life Areas, Colors, Archetypes, Body Levels, Mayan Scale of Consciousness, Body Categories, Source of Information, Kingdoms, and Time.

Chart, LifeWeaving Research

LifeWeaving Research works in tandem with the Power chart for the practitioner who wants more information for clearing a problem.

The Research Chart provides the means to test Relationships, Time, Check Instead, Keyword Petals, Blocks, Final Blessing as well as Questions to dowse if you cannot think of what to ask or to insure that all aspects of an issue have been addressed.

Chart, PRSM Diagnosis (Pendulum Research Sourcing Method)

The Pendulum Research Sourcing Method (PRSM) Chart was developed many years ago when, as an acupuncturist, one dared not use the term "diagnosis" - an activity "owned" by Western medicine.

This dowsing chart is designed to be used along with any other available diagnostic information, client presentation and symptoms, as well as common sense.

Body workers can use the PRSM chart to identify where and what level of the body is involved and affecting the physical body.

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