Master Integrational Healer

After working as a medical technologist for 12 years in a variety of hospital settings (and 'burning out' during a four-year stint in Public Health Service Hospitals in Barrow and Bethel Alaska), I took a year's sabbatical and refocused my career path. My choice was to move into acupuncture and Chinese medicine. After training and licensing, I worked as an acupuncturist for 25 years, eventually specializing in Auriculomedicine - a European method primarily using ear reflexology. During that time, I also studied cranialsacral therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, and many other healing approaches to enhance my work.

During all those years of work in both Western and Oriental medicine, I also began developing my own healing system called LifeWeaving & Ayni Restoration, by integrating the best parts of the many different methods that I had studied.

Then in 2006, a paradigm-shifting course revealed my life destiny, and, in order to embrace that mission, I began upgrading and transforming both myself and my work. I also decided to leave the Northwest (trees, rain, mold, etc.) for the sunny Southwest (sun, sun, sun) and landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Here in New Mexico I continue on my own healing path as well as helping others.

My focus now is healing and teaching  others to enable them to restore their ayni - their relationship - with each other, with their health, with their environment and even with existence itself!  Through the LifeWeaving method, I can re-code and re-calibrate a person's mental and emotional bodies in order to reverse and eliminate patterns of fear, karma, limitation, and self-sabotage. This results in increased harmony, freedom from suffering and a marvelous synchronicity to all aspects of life!

On a more physical approach I still offer auriculomedicine (needle-free ear acupuncture), nutritional counseling and some bodywork, but I have also aligned with a number of fantastic healers and energy workers at Sacred Journeys Wellness Center here in Albuquerque, so clients can receive the best approach for what they need. At the same time, I can concentrate on what I do best - LifeWeaving!

My continuing goal is to enable others to restore their own ayni and to ease their transition into the coming Golden Age. Are you ready to clear, align and activate to our new 5th dimensional world? I can help!

Now, how is your ayni today?

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