How in sync with your world are you?

How is your ayni today?

Restore your Ayni through the multidimensional healing of LifeWeaving Clearing




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(pronounced like "eye-knee") is the Quechua Indian term that describes how we relate to our surroundings.

This word connotes gratitude, reciprocity or balance with everything in life -- from the smallest microbe on the planet to the farthest galaxies in the heavens or to God.

Ayni is as simple as paying money in exchange for a product or as complex as being in complete synchronicity with the world around you and having the universe respond to your every thought and need.

LifeWeaving can help to restore your ayni.

CAROLE CONLON, healer, teacher and alchemist, restores your ayni - your gratitude, balance and synchronicity - in all areas of your life!
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  • People problems - clarification and often resolution
  • Pet challenges - discover their stories
  • Your Life Areas - challenges to career, relationships, family, friends, health, wealth, knowledge and/or skills


  • Pain and Allergy Relief
  • Health Assessment and Clearing from a spiritual point of view
  • Clearing Emotional Blocks in the Body that can Result in Dis-Ease


  • Reverse and eliminate karma, fear and self-sabotage
  • Recode and recalibrate your energy bodies
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Destiny information



Carole also offers classes and coaching calls for LifeWeaving training.  Just connect with  Carole using the contact form

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