Business Enhancement Using LifeWeaving Clearing


Recently I was asked if Lifeweaving can be used to clear a business. Yes, it can be done.

To do the clearing, consider that a business is treated just like a person – with a self, soul and ego – as well as having guides and guardian angels. This is your business entity.

Here is the process I use:

  1. Do a spiritual tune-up on the business entity. This means to do the Invocation, then go through the ‘check list for preparedness’ questions #1-11 (found on the worksheet) to make sure the clearing was complete. As always, do basic LifeWeaving to clear any answers that need it.
  2. Do a spiritual tune-up on the owner.
  3. ‘ Turbo-clear’ anyone else involved with the business like employees, customers, guides and guardian angels. A turbo-clear means to just ask for clearing without testing each question.
  4. Test that everyone involved in the business is in harmony, cooperation and agreement for the business entity’s highest and best good (test the percentage).

Now you are ready to investigate other questions:

  • What is the average level of consciousness of the business, the owner and employees? This shows you how well the business ‘fits’ with the marketplace. If your business vibrates at 12.2, the owner is at 12.7, employees average 10 -11.9, everyone is essentially on the same consciousness level. Guess what average level of customers you will attract.
  • What is the level of consciousness of potential customers in the area? If potential customers are averaging 7.0 – 10 level, your business (from the previous question) probably won’t attract them so you need to have an approach at a level that will.
  • Using the archetype chart, identify how current or potential customers see the business? If you have a service business, is it seen as rescuer, critical parent, beggar or alchemist? If your business is to sell cars, do customers see the business or the owner as a thief, gambler or engineer?
  • Using the archetype chart, identify how customers see themselves interacting with the business. If they choose to buy a car from your business, do they see themselves as victim, seeker, dreamer, detective or something else?
  • Use the archetype chart to decide how to best approach a customer according to his or her consciousness level. In a service industry, should you present yourself as liberator, rescuer, teacher, healer or guide?
  • Identify the perfect target market for your business – the best level of consciousness range of people to try to attract and what archetypes they represent. Your advertising should reflect those levels.
  • Dowse to find out how best to reach clients and potential clients. Which archetypes should you use in advertising, or what activities or services to offer?. If your main business is at a high level and any potential customers might be wary, what can you offer that is more at their level of consciousness? This at least gets them in the door. For example, if people are not willing to try yoga for its mind-body-spirit benefits (a level 12), advertise its helpfulness as a stress or weight loss aide (level 9).
  • If your business is not thriving, use dowsing to identify what option is it to continue in business – for both the business and the owner.
  • You can use the LifeWeaving Research Chart to dowse for any specific blockages obstructing your business.
  • Use the Power Chart affirmations to double check that your business (or you) are clear. Dowse over the “YES-NO’ chart while saying the statements. For example, if you try to clear a blockage about undercharging for your work, run the phrase “be paid for what I am worth” through the affirmations – I am ready to be paid for what I am worth, I am willing …, I am able …, etc. Anytime an affirmation blocks – showing the “no” answer, clear it using basic LifeWeaving. (It is best to use a positive statement for this exercise.)

Remember when you are working with archetypes, you can always go to the LifeWeaving Research chart, Section A, to find words in the petals that flesh out the archetype. A queen archetype can be compassionate and loving or powerful and nasty.


Are there any other questions about business clearing that you still have? Let me know me in the comments and I will be happy to answer them. Also, do you have any other suggestions for helping people LifeWeave or clear their businesses? Send them in!

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