Self-Sabotage . . . Clearing Relationship with Yourself

While recently working on a pair of brothers I did the usual clearing and established that they were in the same soul and flame families, and probably actual monadic twins (split from the same soul). I also tested that when the monad did split, the older boy’s soul got  60% of the energy, while the younger boy’s soul got 40%.

An uneven monadic split, which affects all incarnations, will show up as physical and emotional characteristics with the soul that received more of the energy is usually very yang, outgoing and robust, while the one that received less is more yin overall, often with a physique that is slight in comparison and often less outgoing.

In this case, the split between these two souls was not too great so differences would not be too pronounced.

Why did I test the energy percentages of the split? It was because of current health issues being faced by the boys, including one being born prematurely, speech delay, lumps on the head, thin and fragile body. I was also curious. The relationship between soul twins from the actual monadic split can be intense in any case.


In this lifetime the boys are two years apart (8 and 10 years old) and that there were no other spiritual connections between them like active curses, contracts, heart vows, hidden vows or soul programs. Also, neither was acting as guardian angel to the other. Archetypes-wise, they each saw, and perceived, each other as neutral. So their relationship was ‘clean’.

Yet I kept getting the feeling that there was a problem I wasn’t finding.

My guides must have finally found a 4 x 4 to get my attention because suddenly I was directed (via my ‘headset’) to test the older boy for what I now call ‘self sabotage’ – testing whether he had any active curses, contracts, heart or hidden vows, or soul programs with himself?


My testing turned up a hidden vow from a past life. At this point I received the story (on my psychic headset again) that in a past life both of these monadic split souls were in the womb and that somehow the one caused both to ‘starve to death’. And that resulted in his hidden vow against himself about morality, frustration and being a victim… and these in turn would be turned onto his body in future incarnations and activated by his soul twin’s presence.

What the vow was all about, however, wasn’t really important – just the clearing – so I did that using the LifeWeaving clearing macro.

What does amaze me is that after 30 years of doing some form of LifeWeaving, new revelations do keep coming up. Because of this, I would love to have anyone working with the system feel free to share how they are using the method or if they have found a new way to work with it or different questions to ask.

And, oh yes, I found a self-sabotage soul program on myself that still needed to be cleared.  Test yourself and see what comes up. And definitely test any client who is difficult to clear or has difficulty remaining clear.









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