Using LifeWeaving Dowsing to Find and Clear Emotions and Trauma Issues

This is the fourth blog about how LifeWeaving Dowsing can help you. My topic today is to find and clear emotional and trauma issues. This is the heart and strength of what LifeWeaving can do. So many people have spent hundreds of thousands of years incarnating, and many of those lifetimes ended unpleasantly. Because of those memorable deaths, we often retain cell memory of those endings. Even our guardian angels keep track and can check their little black books and say, “Oh, red wine killed them last lifetime. Let’s keep them safe by making them allergic this lifetime.” And it happens.

No matter the cause, we look at clearing emotional and traumatic issues by starting with the spiritual tune up – looking at who they are as a soul.

After the tune up, I check for a number of items which will affect emotions. These include curses from this or past lives, working with archetypes to see how they see themselves right now. Then I use the Power LifeWeaving chart and just “What’s going on? Who’s involved? Are they balanced? What percent are they balanced?” For this stage, I use the power chart most of the time. And then I can look what past life clearing is needed by using the Research Chart.

So how does emotional clearing work? One example occurred back when I was an acupuncturist. I had a client, a young man, that came in with severe back pain. As I was working on him with the acupuncture needles, we started talking and out came the story that the day before his father had asked him to help move a boat from one city to another on the Washington State coast. However, this young man had no desire at all to help dad out. So guess what happens? He awoke with the back pain and wasn’t able to help. That was a convenient excuse, and in LifeWeaving it is called a benefit program.

Unfortunately, a lot of the convenient problems can show up and if you don’t nip them in the bud, they’ll continue as real pain. So don’t do that.

In another example, a client has been trying to work issues out with her father, and the discussions are not going anywhere. She wants to move out of that city where they are soon. But those issues are unresolved, and, on a soul level, she seriously wants to resolve them. But what actually happens next as she’s preparing her move, her foot starts to hurt, inflamed, hard to walk. In testing with LifeWeaving, I found nothing on the physical level to explain it. But when we got to the emotional level, what popped into my head was she’s dragging her feet. She doesn’t want to leave until this problem is solved with her dad. And that that is exactly what’s happening. She’s a very metaphysical person so she understood the connection. It’s like, oh, okay, I understand now. So working on getting that relationship fixed is going forth. As the issue is being worked on and figured out, her foot can now heal, because she no longer needs that signal.

And then there’s a third example I want to give and this one involves myself, and a past life. One night I was multitasking at my computer, cat in my lap, TV on to one of those knockoff shows of Survivor. In this one, a group of hopefuls wanting to do a nature show were stuck in the jungle somewhere, voting people off and doing little deeds and nature challenges. On that particular night, contestants went into a fenced off area of jungle where there was a six-month-old tiger cub. Those are kind of big but it was cute. So we had the contestant, a camera man, the sound man, and there was a trainer present to make sure nobody got hurt. The idea was for the contestant to spot the tiger cub in in this jungle, then turn around and talk to the camera about tiger conservation, etc. The first contestant went in and spotted the cub, then turned around and gave all his attention to the camera. And meanwhile, the camera focused on the tiger cub showed it doing that cat thing, where it crouched down with a little butt shake prior to the charge. The tiger charged the guy but the trainer broke it off before anybody got hurt. This was funny to watch. I went back to work on my computer as the next contestant went in for his turn.  The next time I looked up, that particular contestant was back pedaling around a tree with both hands on the forehead of the cub, and it was like, for one second, quite cute. One more second later, I got hit by sharp pain in my right eye and the entire side of my face swelled up. My own cat went flying and even who cared about the computer.

I used a cold compress on the eye until it settled down, but it took about three or four days for all the face swelling to go down. Eventually I did LifeWeaving to see what on earth happened. What I found is that I ended one of my lives with my head in the mouth of a tiger. At that second that I saw what was happening on TV, my cell memory of that event from another lifetime kicked in with physically painful memories. What happened to me was an ‘activation’.

Activations can happen if you read or see or hear something that awakens your cell memory. Many times, these types of memories will trigger when you’re watching a movie (especially a children’s story). When you’re reading a book, you might see one word or a picture. The least moment that you expect it can get you. It’s like, oh my goodness. Therefore, emotional clearing is so important for the physical body.

And happily, LifeWeaving is perfect for this type of work! After the emotional cell memory is cleared, energy can flow again and body can heal or will respond better to other treatment methods.


Great Ayni,  Carole

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