Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Your Dowsing Questions


Leading up to the recent presidential election, a couple people asked me "Who is going to win?" So I obtained permission to connect to both Clinton, Trump, the process and tested. The answer was Clinton.

Then it looked like Trump was winning! Later in the evening as the votes were being counted, I rechecked to see "Will Clinton win?" and again got confirmation. But that didn't look like it was happening. Then even after Trump reached the requisite number of electoral votes and was declared the winner, I dowsed again and asked "Did Clinton win?", and once again, the answer was 'yes' - testing that it came from Source.

Either my dowsing ability has suffered lately or something was wrong!

And wrong it was. . . the question I was asking, that is. The answer to my question actually turned out to be correct.

Today we found out that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote, while Trump won the electoral vote (the vote that 'counts'). So Clinton did indeed "win the election".

So I revised my question and asked "Will Clinton become president?" and the answer was "no".  But then being curious, I asked "Will Trump become president?" and again got a "no" answer.


Being patient (and that the energy around the election is in total chaos right now), I 've decided to see how that answer plays out . . . inauguration is scheduled for January 21st, 2017.

So this was a quick lesson for me to pay more attention to the question, because if what is asked is incomplete or too vague or just plain wrong, the answer will match. Passing it on to you.

Good dowsing everyone!




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  1. Hello Carole, I totally understand this concept of asking the correct question. I fine your latest answer to be extremely interesting as I too feel he will not be sworn in. We shall see… Many Blessings, Mazie

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