LifeWeaving and World Energy


After making the change to the Power Chart, Section B (“Source of information – Who is involved”) a couple months ago, I have been finding the answer of “World Energy” coming up a lot for the ‘who is involved’ (or ‘who’s is this?’) question. So that led me to research more. Here’s what I found:

World energy can be any incoming energy affecting us. It can be from planetary unrest (war, politics, hurricanes, etc.)  or it can be the high frequency ascension energies flooding the planet. When using the PRSM Diagnostic chart, Environmental Radiation was also coming up more often which I also see as probable ascension energy.

The next “aha” was that these energies are definitely affecting our physical bodies and seem to be bringing up deep physical and emotional issues. This led me to try a different way to approach my own clearing for some minor but irritating chronic physical issues. Of course, since LifeWeaving approaches healing from a spiritual point of view first, and gradually works towards the physical, progress is often slow. However, I have seen some minor improvements since experimenting with this approach. Therefore, here is a clearing exercise to try:

Bringing All Body Parts into Harmony

  1. Using a percentage section, test frequency of the incoming energy.  NOTE: at this point, ignore the 12.12 level of consciousness‘ceiling’ and just see what answer you get. I am now testing many people at level 13-16, with world energy sometimes up to 17.
  2. Test your own level of consciousness/frequency, which gives you an average overall level.
  3. Using your PRSM Diagnostic chart ask “What in me is being affected by this world energy?”
  4. Test frequency of the body part or organ being affected.
  5. LifeWeave as usual. [Place the part/organ in your holding basket, identify who/what is involved, find and add any words, colors, archetypes, etc., then clear by spiraling this frequency down through body, mind and spirit. Flood with unconditional love when complete.]
  6. Retest the frequency of the body part/organ. It should be higher and closer to your own frequency (level of consciousness).
  7. Do LifeWeaving again until the part/organ tests at a frequency very close to your own frequency.
  8. If interested, go back to the PRSM chart and again ask “what part of me is being affected by this world energy?”
  9. Repeat the clearing procedure as needed.

Explore and see what you find, and look for subtle changes to come about.

And please feel free to share with others in the comments section or on facebook at @lifeweaving dowsing.


Nutrition Chart Offer

One of my LifeWeaving students recently asked about the mysterious “To Nutrition Chart” direction found on the PRSM chart key. Well, good news. There is a beta version of the nutrition chart ready at last so I am offering a free pdf download of it in return for feedback. In a few weeks, let me know what works, what is confusing, what is missing, how you are using it, what needs to go, etc.

A second section on this chart is 9 Pillars Testing which is a different way to look at nine major areas of physical problems (a bit different approach than using the PRSM chart). It is designed to help find appropriate supplements, which would be listed on the reverse side. Try it out and see what you find. You can also test for food sensitivities and identify hormonal organs that need work.


If you promise to engage and send feedback, send me an email at with “chart” in the subject line to get your free copy.


Great ayni to you all!



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