Recommended Clearing for These Chaotic Times

Right now we are all being affected by both incoming ascension energies of high frequency as well as low level planetary energies (such as politics, war, etc.). Plus many people who are empaths (and everyone is to some extent) are feeling emotional energies stronger and stronger, making their lives miserable.
As a result, I have started clearing clients for all of the above issues. I mostly clear using thought and intention with a little LifeWeaving thrown in.

Here is my procedure:

  1.  Do the regular LifeWeaving spiritual tune up to prepare the client.
  2.  Thank all spirit helpers, both guides and guardian angels, for their work and send them on a permanent vacation. Then ask for an archangel to come in to be the client’s guardian angel. [This removes a client’s multiple attachments to the universe, Earth and other people, as well as any spiritual issues being carried by those former spirit helpers. I use intention for clearing this stage. Note that the client can bring back special guides or helpers that they work with all the time after this clearing. Just put them on a temporary committee.]
  3. Clear any ‘curses, contracts, heart vows, hidden vows, or soul programs’ the client may have with the spiritual or human collectives. [This removes any spiritual obligations connecting your client with the collectives. I use LifeWeaving clearing for this stage.]
  4. With intention, have the client pull themselves ‘off duty’ as anyone else’s guide or guardian angel, any time past, present or future. Feel free to send angels in place of the client to keep those spiritual positions filled. [This helps to isolate the client from crazy energies those people may be experiencing.]
  5. With intention, have the client call back any part of themselves that has been left in any lifetime, past, present or future. Bring all those parts back through cleaning filters and into the client. [At this point I like to spin black light (physical wholeness) through the client, followed by white light (spiritual wholeness) to settle in the energies.]

After this clearing, I will often check for frequency gap between the client and the incoming ascension energies.

  1. Test the ascension frequency. [Lately it has been running between 16.0 – 18.0 by asking and testing on a 1 -100 scale with your pendulum.]
  2. Test the frequency of the client.
  3. Using the PRSM chart and ask to see ‘any organ or part that is having difficulty due to the frequency gap’. [Even though a person may be an overall 13.1 level, their liver may test individually at 9.9, so the logarithmic gap between that and the ascension energy levels can create trouble on the physical level.]
  4. If an organ or body part comes up as low, do LifeWeaving clearing. [Place the part in the holding basket, dowse for whatever else that comes up – colors, archetypes, other words, etc. – and put it all in the basket; when ‘clearing macro’ comes up, spiral all of it down through body, mind and spirit, etc. the completion check, retest the frequency of the part you are working on. Note that it may take one or two rounds to bring it up to a healthier frequency.]

These simple clearings will relieve most of our spiritual connections with others, which, in turn, will make living in this insanely crazy world a bit easier.

I also just had a client that showed ‘radiation’ as being most out of sync with the high ascension energies. Upon investigation, we found that the radiation was from working in a small room with three people with computers and monitors. Too much radiation being given off by the electronic gear was affecting her health, so we found ways to alleviate much of the problem (plants, FLFE, stones, etc.).
If you have any questions, discussion or would like to receive this clearing work, contact Carole at

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