LifeWeaving Case Study: Relationship Testing & Clearing

I recently had a client who wanted to find out why one of her students continually questioned the program, refused to fully comply with class requirements, emailed his concerns incessantly and generally made her anxious.

The clearing path that I used was as follows:
1.  Who are the participants? Do at least a quick spiritual tune up (“turbo clear”) on anyone involved, find levels of consciousness, etc. so you know a bit about them. [Is the problem that consciousness levels are so different?]

2.  How do they relate on a spiritual level with the each other? Are they in the same soul and flame families? Are they acting as guardian angels to each other, or perhaps just one to another? Are there any curses, contracts, heart vows, hidden vows or soul programs actively running between them? [These must be cleared to neutrality.]

3.Are there any issues between their spirit helpers and either person, any combination? [This often clears past life issues that the spirit helpers are holding on to. This is the reason that I have been dismissing people’s spirit guides and leaving them with one guardian angel; and that if they want guides, to keep them on temporary committees and dismiss them when the project is complete.]

4. How do they see each other as archetypes? Neutral or something specific? [After clearing archetypes to neutrality, make sure the ego, self and soul are individually in agreement.]

TO TEST FOR COMPLETION, I ask my client to imagine a knock on their door and the person we are clearing walks in. How does the client immediately feel, physically and mentally and emotionally? Any reaction other than neutral shows that more research and clearing is needed.

5. If all else fails, you can go back to their souls’ initial past life encounter when the programs between them began and clear that adventure. In the case of my teacher client, it turned out that the problem had to be researched and cleared up to, and including, the spirit helper level as the program was from a past life.

It turns out the student failed to attend the next class session so the hope was that he would just go away. This often happens. If the lesson and/or clearing is complete for both souls there is no more need to interact. Another possible result is that the relationship changes for the better.

Well, the student didn’t go away nor did his obnoxious behavior change. What did change after the LifeWeaving session is that the teacher no longer felt threatened or irritated by his behavior. My main focus this second session was to concentrate more on the student.
The follow up session covered the following:
1. Recheck the spiritual tune ups. [Found the student’s level of consciousness was lower than previously, and that in addition to his one guardian angel I had left in place, he also had attracted a ‘dark energy separate’. Cleared that.]

2. I also checked out what option it was for the student to complete this course (becoming a yoga instructor) by asking his Soul [it tested as option 8 with #1 being the best]; what option for the school to keep him as a student [option 7].

3. I then took specific statements and questions the student had brought up to the instructor about course content, length, etc. and cleared all to neutrality.

4. Tested the student against other members of the class ‘in any combination’. [This made sure there weren’t any karmic programs with anyone else involved holding him in the class. This was neutral.]

5. After the above clearing, I retested his Soul for what option to stay in the program [now at ‘infinitely NOT good for him]’; for the school to keep him if he wants to stay. [option 10.]

6. The rest of the session the teacher and I discussed how to best handle getting the student to leave without issues.
My recommendation was to use a DESC Script:
a) Describe the situation without emotionally loaded terms
b) Explain how it makes you feel
c) Suggest an alternative action
d) What is the carrot for all involved?

The instructor called in about a week saying the student accepted a refund and departed amicably, making all parties happy.

Now, I recommend that you take a look at some of your current relationships and see how they test. You might make some beautiful friendships!
Take care and great ayni, Carole


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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