Problems Encountered When Dowsing a Range of Numbers

Originally posted June 2012 . . .

When dowsing a range of numbers, there is a tendency for especially beginning dowsers to find themselves getting answers outside the working or set range of options. This can happen to experienced dowsers as well.

For example, on the PRSM chart, you first test for the category, and then a number. With that number, you drop down to the descriptors and identify the specific organ or part. Often the pendulum gives a number that is beyond the scope of that descriptor section.

In this example, your pendulum might test INFECTION CATEGORY and then get #11. But there is no descriptor #11.

The solution: Simply return to the number chart and set the dowsing parameters firmly in your mind and tell your pendulum to stay within that range. Then dowse again.

If there is still a problem, ask if the answer is on the chart. If not, you can try to research elsewhere.

On many of the LifeWeaving charts, I included the answer OTHER to give an opportunity for the dowser to understand that the answer may not be on the chart, as they are limited by size as well as the fact that knowledge changes - we are learning as we go. Things do change so be flexible.

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