Two Ways to Ground the Important Omega Chakra

Are you finding yourself or clients floating or hovering a lot lately? Barely connected to the planet? Not wanting to see/hear/experience the current craziness? Looking for escape?

Welcome to the here and now on our ascending Planet Earth.

As a practitioner of LifeWeaving you can help people move through these experiences of energy waves, solar flares and solar wind, and planetary changes more easily by making sure their chakras are clear, aligned, open and balanced. But don't forget the alpha and omega chakras when you do this.

In her excellent book What is Lightbody?, author Tashira Tachi-Ren describes the alpha and omega chakras as energy regulators for electric, magnetic and gravitational waves. These chakras assist emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to merge into a unified field and utilize higher-dimensional energies to anchor in a higher blueprint.

In my opinion, this is what our ascension process of transforming from carbon to crystalline-based bodies is all about.

In all my clients that I've checked recently I find the alpha chakra, located about eight inches above the head, is open and looking good. However the omega chakra, found eight inches below the end of the spine, is in need of support - either closed or barely open. This chakra should be connecting us to our entire grid of incarnations, ultimately helping us to recalibrate pulses and the flow of body fluids, thus helping us stay in sync with the changes that are occurring with the Earth energy.

To check the omega chakra:

  1. Begin by holding your pendulum at rest, then ask to 'see' the spin of the omega chakra. Your pendulum should begin spinning gently showing the size of the opening if any, direction, and any pattern or quality that is involved (figure-eight, choppy, smooth).

How you can help correct the chakra using LifeWeaving:

  1. Place the omega chakra into the holding basket, then dowse for any other energies that are needed to assist clearing. Spiral all energies you found down through the body when indicated.
  2. Recheck the spin and size of the chakra.
  3. Repeat if needed until the chakra spins clockwise about the size of a quarter or half dollar.

Correcting the Chakra size using just your Pendulum

  1. Another method that will work is to simply imagine your pendulum is above the omega chakra and let it swing to harmonize the chakra's energy. The pendulum usually goes wildly counterclockwise, stops, goes clockwise, stops, move counterclockwise, etc., where each round the swings get smaller and sharper.
  2. Finally, and it may take a while, the pendulum will stop completely. Ask to 'see' the omega chakra again and observe how your pendulum does. You want the chakra to be spinning clockwise, the size of a quarter or half dollar.
  3. Repeat if necessary.

Once this chakra has been opened, I find that it holds nicely.

Also make sure that all the other chakras are aligned, open, cleared and balanced with each other before you finish. And don't forget the foot chakras that, along with the root, help connect us solidly to the planet and prevent a person from spinning mentally out of control so easily.

Has anyone else noticed grounding difficulties? Do you have a favorite method that you use to help someone ground? Please share because it is a big problem right now for many people!


Great Ayni and happy grounding!

Carole Conlon


Picture: Pixabay

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